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The bolts are defined in ANSI B1.13M for Grade 6 g tolerances. Bolt material is conformed to ASTM F568M for Class 4.6. Material for corrosion resistant bolts is conformed to ASTM F 568M for Class 8.83. bolts. The surface treatment shall follow the AASHTO M232.
The normal size for the washer is 76*44*4mm, and we can follow the drawings from the customer.
For the reflector the color always be white, red, and yellow, you can mix them by yourself.
The bolts and nuts are aimed to fasten the guardrail, post, spacer into one part.
The reflector can reflect the light while the people drive the car in night, With that you can easily to find the edge of the guardrail. It can lower the accident occurred.
Transaction beam are fixed between the w beam and thrie beams.


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