Thrie beam guardrail

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The guardrail is mainly to follow the AASHTO M180, GB-T 31439.1-2015 and EN1317 standard.

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The guardrail is mainly to follow the AASHTO M180, GB-T 31439.1-2015 and EN1317 standard.
The material for that are mainly the Q235B (S235Jr the yield strength is more than 235Mpa) and Q345B (S355Jr the yield strength is more than the 345Mpa).
For the thickness of the guardrail mainly through the 2.67mm to 4.0mm.
The surface treatment is hot dipped galvanized, to follow the AASHTO M232 and the equal standard such as AASHTO M111, EN1461 etc.
The guardrail designed for divide the road into different part, and lower the damage while the accident accrued.

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Products Feature

Strong corrosion resistance

Many color to choose

Easy to install

Easy to change

Good anti-collision effect.


To ensure Huiquan guardrail has its own unique weatherability, the technology center of Huiquan has developed more than ten procedures of special, make the product have a permanent coating by suing high technology, and through different special process, ensuring fences have the excellent corrosion resistance, humidity resistance, weatherability and long time surface self- clean performance.

Huiquan guardrail will not rust, fade, cracked, powdered, aging, scale off and brings long-lasting and vivid color. Huiquan fences promise for ten years maintenance- free, thoroughly resolve the troubles from ordinary maintenance.

Highway guardrail product features and application

To provide railing protection to motor vehicle at dangerous road area such as: steep slope; obscure curve/bend; high embankment; sharp corner

To absorb sudden impact during collision thus minimize injury to vehicle and passenger.

To act as directional railing for vehicle moving in the right direction.

To act as a median barrier for avoiding head on collision.

To act as a protective barrier for pedestrian along the highway.

Specification and technical data

Base metal specification to AASHTO M180: Minimum yield strength: 345 Mpa (50,000 psi); Tensile strength, minimum 483 Mpa (70,000 psi); and Elongation, in 50mm(2 in.), minimum, 12 percent.

Specification and technical data
Specification and technical data1

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