Materials and important functions of high-speed guardrails

The installation of highway corrugated guardrails is a large-scale construction project, and there is a great demand. However, the quality of products produced by domestic guardrail manufacturers is uneven, and some even cut corners in order to seek greater profit margins, which seriously damages the interests of users. Therefore, when choosing two-wave guardrails, guardrail columns, and road guardrail manufacturers to cooperate in purchasing guardrails, it is necessary to consider and evaluate from the production of raw materials, production technology, product installation, after-sales service, and the strength and reputation of the manufacturer. choose.

The raw material of highway guardrail plate plating is generally made of Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel. Q235 steel material is a steel material with good comprehensive performance, high strength, good plasticity and good welding performance. The importance of installing high-speed guardrails

1. Blurred road vision at night. The majority of collisions between entrances and guardrails occur at night, which is usually when the vision for safe driving is the least visible, so it is less likely to see whether a person is driving normally and safely in the lane. The only time a car can hit a highway barrier is when a person can’t see the road.

2. Drive too fast at night. Because the traffic volume at night is smaller than the traffic volume in broad daylight, many drivers like to drive at night, so the speed is too fast, and they will perform inappropriate operations when encountering unexpected situations or emergencies. Finally, the calculations fail to predict and analyze the outcome of collisions with guardrails or other vehicles in the Zhangjiakou Department of the Central Government.

3. It is easy to get tired when driving at night. The best time for everyone to rest at night is when everyone is most miserable and sleepy. As a result, many drivers and friends are still driving on the road, and their mental outlook is not good. Due to the wide driveway in the open section, when driving to the open section, they didn’t notice that the body was already in the open fence, and it ended up being the same, causing serious damage.

4. The vehicle is a safety risk. In summer, many cars are prone to common faults, which can lead to road accidents. If your car has a flat tire, it’s a big safety risk. When the vehicle is traveling at high speed, the tire will suddenly leak. In order to prevent collisions with other vehicles, the right vehicle was selected to collide with the steering wheel of the right vehicle, which eventually caused the vehicle to collide with the highway guardrail at the central government interface, thereby aggravating the damage consequences.

Post time: Dec-02-2022