China Railway’s first independent production line for highway guardrail panels was put into operation

Recently, good news came from the China Railway No. 10 Bureau Material Trading Company that China Railway’s first independent production line for high-speed guardrails was officially put into operation in Jinan. After testing, the product thickness, appearance quality, material mechanical properties and anti-corrosion layer thickness of the high-speed guardrail produced by this production line all meet the requirements of the national standard.

It is reported that the production line has been successfully put into operation after one year after preliminary inspection, project approval, qualification review, equipment procurement, independent assembly, equipment debugging, and operation training. It can produce three-wave high-speed guardrails, columns, anti-block block, with a daily production capacity of up to 80 tons, which is an important measure for China Railway No. 10 Bureau Materials Trading Company to build a diversified product system and extend the supply chain. After the project reaches production capacity, it will further meet the needs of various high-speed projects to purchase high-speed guardrail products.

Post time: Jan-03-2023