Where Can I Buy Highway Guardrail?

In China, there are about tens of thousands of high-speed guardrail export suppliers, including trading companies and manufacturers. Due to no innate factory experience, most suppliers exist as trading companies with 1-5 employees, their proportion is as high as 91%, and they are good at packaging themselves as factories or manufacturers through the Internet and third-party platforms. Only 9% of manufacturers can really have price advantages and quality control capabilities. Therefore, for most foreign high-speed guardrail contractors or construction parties, it is very important to do a company background investigation before purchasing, because it will save them cost and time.

As the earliest expressway guardrail export company in China-Shandong Guanxian Huiquan Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd., they have accumulated a lot of export experience in raw material collection, production technology, personnel quality, and after-sales service. We are not like those trading companies, we only do long-term business, while they are just market disruptors, short-lived.

But what is also confusing is that there are still many trading companies that are emerging, which increases obstacles for overseas buyers of high-speed guardrails to screen out real powerful manufacturers, so in the end it is back to the beginning: the necessary background checks will bring benefits to buyers. to substantial cost savings.

Post time: May-09-2023